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Product Details

Trademark: Nicepal Transport Package: 5kg/Bag, 3bags/CTN
Specification: 42.5x33x26.5cm Origin: Hainan, China
HS Code: 1106300000

Product Description

Product Description

Dryer uses alow noise and high temperature proof axial flow blower with an automatic temperature control system. The whole circulation system make theheat efficiency of the dryinbg oven increases from 3-7% of the traditional drying oven to 35-45%. The highest heat efficiency can reach50%. The successful design of dryer makes the  drying technology catch the advanced level both in China and abroad. In order to save energy in China. And enhance the economic results of ther enterprises. 

Our services:

1. One year complete warrantly.
2. Free consulation serivice before during and after sales.
3. Provide basic prodution techniques and formules.
4. Overseas installation and training of equipment maintance and operating personally.
5. Debugging and inspecting of equipment until everything is functional before leaving the fcatory.

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